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Download latest Nightly builds (Requires being logged in to GitHub)

A re-implementation of Cave Story (Doukutsu Monogatari) engine written in Rust.

The project is still incomplete and not fully playable yet. Click here to see the current status of the project.

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Data files

This repository does not contain any copyrighted files.

For better user experience, pre-built binaries are distributed with slightly modified freeware game files.

doukutsu-rs should work fine with pre-extracted and tweaked data files from this repository, NXEngine(-evo) extracted freeware data files and Cave Story+ data files.

Vanilla Cave Story does not work yet because some important data files have been embedded inside the executable. and we don't have a loader/extractor implemented yet.

Where to get them?


Cave Story+

  • SDL version (first released in 2011 on Steam)
    • PC release (Steam) - Copy data folder from installation directory (guide for Steam) to the runtime directory.
    • PC release (Epic Games Store) - Essentially the same thing as with Steam version.
    • PC release (Humble Bundle) - Essentially the same thing as with Steam version.
  • KAGE version (first released in 2017 on Switch)
    • PC release - Sadly not there yet but Tyrone mentioned it's coming in 2021.
    • Switch release - (tested only with eShop version) Extract data directory from romfs. Requires a hacked console and a recent and legal copy of the game. If you don't know how, look in Google how to exactly do that because the methods really differ.

Mandatory screenshots

Freeware data files:

Japanese Freeware

Cave Story+ data files:

CS+ with enhanced graphics