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Cave Story Randomizer [Open Mode]

The Cave Story Randomizer shuffles the location of every item in Cave Story, creating a new experience each time you play! The randomizer has logic in place to ensure that you can always reach every item and finish the game. Get started by heading to the releases page and downloading the most recent version! If you find yourself stuck, wanting to talk about the hilarious location you found the panties in, or just plain enjoying the game please consider joining our official Discord server and hanging out!

Main differences

Note that there are a few key differences from the vanilla game in order to improve the playing experience:

  • All 5 teleporter locations in Arthur's House are active from the beginning of the game
  • All other teleporters from the vanilla game are active and linked to one another at all times
  • A teleporter between Sand Zone (near the Storehouse) and Labyrinth I has been placed and can be activated in one of two ways:
    1. Defeating Toroko+
    2. Using the teleporter from the Labyrinth I side
  • Most cutscenes have been abridged or skipped entirely
  • Jellyfish Juice can be used an infinite number of times
  • You can carry as many as 5 puppies at once: Jenka will only accept them once you've collected all 5
    • By the way, all 5 puppies will be located somewhere in the Sand Zone
  • Certain items that are received from NPCs have been placed in chests:
    • Labyrinth B (Fallen Booster)
    • Labyrinth Shop
      • One requiring the Machine Gun to open
      • One requiring the Fireball to open
      • One requiring the Spur to open
    • Jail no. 1
    • Storage? (Ma Pignon)
      • This chest requires saving Curly in the Waterway to open
  • If you don't have Curly's Air Tank after defeating the Core, the water will not rise and you may leave without dying
  • Curly cannot be left behind permanently in the Core; the shutter will never close once the boss has been defeated
  • The jump in the Waterway to save Curly has been made much easier
  • Ironhead will always give you his item on defeat (but there's still a special surprise if you defeat him without taking damage!)
  • Kazuma will only open the door between Egg no. 0 and the Outer Wall if you save him in Grasstown
  • Kazuma's door can be blown down from both the outside and the inside
  • Entering the Throne Room to complete the game requires doing three things:
    1. Saving Sue in the Egg Corridor
    2. Obtaining the Booster 2.0
    3. Obtaining the Iron Bond

Help me!

If you find yourself stuck, here are a few common pitfalls:

  • Remember that the Jellyfish Juice can quench more than one fireplace
  • The Graveyard can only be accessed if you obtain the Silver Locket and see Toroko get kidnapped
  • The Hermit Gunsmith will wake up and give you an item if you defeat the Core and show him his gun
  • The western side of the Labyrinth can be accessed without flight if you defeat Toroko+
  • The Plantation can be accessed without the Teleporter Room Key if you save Kazuma and teleport in or climb the Outer Wall
  • The Waterway can be accessed without the Cure-All by using the teleporter in the Labyrinth Shop
  • There may be a required item in the Last Cave (Hidden) as a reward for defeating the Red Demon

If you're still stuck, join our official Discord server and ask for help in there!