Kiafumi is HC's official bot.
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A kitchen-sink discord bot designed to replace Skyra v7 for use in the HC network.

It's written in Java, using JDA.


  • The expected utility command suite.
  • Music functionality using Lavaplayer.
  • Member Leave/Join logging.
  • Channel/Conversation archival and export.


  1. Download from the Releases, or compile with maven clean package.
  2. Run Kiafumi-x.x.jar in an empty directory.
  3. Create a new MariaDB(Not MySQL) database.
  4. Open and configure the generated config.yml.
  5. Run Kiafumi-x.x.jar again.

Credits & Thanks

  • oko
  • Tiddy
  • Laika, for writing the groundwork of the Java fork.
  • Favna, for maintaining Ribbon from 2017-2019, & Skyra to this day!


Feedback from anyone, from bug reports to feature requests, is greatly encouraged. You can contact us with the Issues page, or reach oko#0994 on discord.


Copyright © 2022 oko, under the ISC License