Roxy, a command line static site generator
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this is a wip overhaul for my static site generator, roxy. it technically works but it's very rough around the edges.


cargo install roxy_cli


roxy_cli [INPUT] [OUTPUT]

Roxy will read each file from INPUT for valid files. It will look for toml for data and md, html, or tera for layout an content files. toml data is loaded into an object and given to content files (which can be used as variables with Tera placeholders). The content files will be processed first as Markdown, then as a Tera template. The output of this process will write to OUTPUT, preserving the original path (relative to INPUT).


Currently, Roxy only has two configuration keys

# config.toml
slug_word_limit = 8 # the max word limit for a slug

theme = "base16-ocean.dark" # the name of the theme for syntax highlighting
theme_dir = "./themes" # directory to load themes into syntect