A Golang library and framework for the Discord API.
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A Golang library for the Discord API.



Simple bot example without any state. All it does is logging messages sent into the console. Run with BOT_TOKEN="TOKEN" go run ..


A slightly more complicated example. This bot uses a local state to cache everything, including messages. It detects when someone deletes a message, logging the content into the console.

This example demonstrates the PreHandler feature of this library. PreHandler calls all handlers that are registered (separately from the session), calling them before the state is updated.

Advanced Bot

A pretty complicated example demonstrating the reflect-based command router that's built-in. The router turns exported struct methods into commands, its arguments into command arguments, and more.

The library has a pretty detailed documentation available in GoDoc Reference.

Comparison: Why not discordgo?

Discordgo is great. It's the first library that I used when I was learning Go. Though there are some things that I disagree on. Here are some ways that this library is different:

  • Better package structure: this library divides the Discord library up into smaller packages.
  • Cleaner API/Gateway structure separation: this library separates fields that would only appear in Gateway events, so to not cause confusion.
  • Automatic un-pagination: this library automatically un-paginates endpoints that would otherwise not return everything fully.
  • Flexible underlying abstractions: this library allows plugging in different JSON and Websocket implementations, as well as direct access to the HTTP client.
  • Flexible API abstractions: because packages are separated, the developer could choose to use a lower level package (such as gateway) or a higher level package (such as state).
  • Pre-handlers in the state: this allows the developers to access items from the state storage before they're removed.
  • Pluggable state storages: although only having a default state storage in the library, it is abstracted with an interface, making it possible to implement a custom remote or local state storage.
  • REST-updated state: this library will call the REST API if it can't find things in the state, which is useful for keeping it updated.
  • No code generation: just so the library is a lot easier to maintain.


The package includes integration tests that require $BOT_TOKEN. To run these tests, do:

go test -tags integration ./...