A very functional discord bot.
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Amicable Bot

This is was a project of mine that took around 1 month to get to this point. After leaving it for awhile, I've come back to it made it ready for Github.

What Can This Bot Do?

  • Music
  • Black Jack
  • Simple Moderation:
    • Purging
    • Reaction Roles
  • Leveling
  • Simple Economy

Using The Bot

If you'd like to have this bot in your server, you can invite it here.
Make sure you have a role called Bot and give it to the people that you want to have admin privileges.
You can also use the !help command to get an understanding of the bot's ablities.

How To Install

I've tried to make the install process as easy as possible but there's still some steps that are a little bit complicated.

  • Install Python 3.8

  • Make a Python 3.8 virtual environment python3 -m venv /path/to/new/virtual/environment.

  • Download requirements. (This is where it might get a bit tricky):

    • In the virtual environment, pip install requirements.txt. To do this type pip install -r requirements.txt.
    • Next, you'll need discord-ext-menus.
    • Make sure you have git installed and then run the command pip install git+https://github.com/Rapptz/discord-ext-menus in the virtual environment.
  • Next, make a bot account. Make sure that you enable both privilege gateways intents.

  • Now with your Token, you can customize the bot to your liking in the settings.py file.

Getting Music To Work

Music for the bot is handled by Lavalink. To get Lavalink to work, you need to download JDK 11 and the Lavalink.jar. Make sure to snag the application.yml too. Make sure to change the password and match it in the settings.py file. To launch the server, use the command java -jar Lavalink.jar.

Take off!

You can now invite the bot to your server if you haven't already and launch the bot. To do so, in the Python virtual environment run main.py and fingers crossed, everything will work.

Problems and contributing

If you want to contribute the project, you are more than welcome to, all you have to do is submit a pull request! If you have any problems or questions about the bot you can shoot me a message at Lemon ^-^#5752 on discord.