APKBUILDs for laurel_sprout
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Lux Aliaga dd8dfccb1f device: Rename from laurel_sprout to laurel
pmbootstrap doesn't consider underscores as part of codenames, so we'll
rename the device package to "laurel" instead of "laurel_sprout". Kernel
DTBs will keep the actual device name, since (at least from my
knowledge) it's accepted.
2022-05-01 01:12:21 -04:00
device-xiaomi-laurel device: Rename from laurel_sprout to laurel 2022-05-01 01:12:21 -04:00
linux-postmarketos-qcom-sm6125 fixup! linux: Rename to SoC-specific package 2022-05-01 01:10:35 -04:00
LICENSE Initial commit 2021-08-22 00:28:09 +00:00
README.md mainline! 2022-03-18 18:51:23 -03:00
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pmOS for laurel_sprout

Mi A3 booting postmarketOS

Device packages for Xiaomi Mi A3 (laurel_sprout). Booting on kernel 5.17.0-rc6!

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