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# This is a super simple molly brown config file for the purpose of testing SCGI
# applications. Although you are welcome to use this as a base for an actual webserver,
# please find somewhere better for your production sockets.
# You can get a copy of molly brown and more information about configuring it from:
# Once installed, run the test server using the command
# molly-brown -c molly-brown.conf
Port = 1965
Hostname = "localhost"
CertPath = "cert/cert.pem"
KeyPath = "cert/key.pem"
AccessLog = "/dev/stdout"
ErrorLog = "/dev/stderr"
"/" = "kochab.sock"

stargazer.ini Normal file
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; This is a super simple configuration file for testing out SCGI apps with stargazer.
; To spin a demo server, first install stargazer with
; cargo install stargazer
; and then run this configuration with
; stargazer -c stargazer.ini
; Now, when you run your application bound to localhost:1312, any gemini connections to
; gemini://localhost should automatically be forwarded to your application. If you'd like
; to test out path rewriting, change the [localhost:/] header to [localhost:/app], restart
; stargazer, and connect to gemini://localhost/path.
; This configuration should be sufficient for any testing, but if you're interested in
; more in-depth configuration, or for using stargazer in production, please see the
; stargazer repository at
listen =
store = cert
organization = Kochab Test Server
scgi = on
scgi-address = localhost:1312