An ergonomic and elegant framework for creating Gemini servers and SCGI apps without needless bloat
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use anyhow::*;
use log::LevelFilter;
use northstar::{
async fn main() -> Result<()> {
.filter_module("northstar", LevelFilter::Debug)
Server::bind(("", GEMINI_PORT))
.add_route("/", handle_request)
/// An ultra-simple demonstration of simple authentication.
/// If the user attempts to connect, they will be prompted to create a client certificate.
/// Once they've made one, they'll be given the opportunity to create an account by
/// selecting a username. They'll then get a message confirming their account creation.
/// Any time this user visits the site in the future, they'll get a personalized welcome
/// message.
async fn handle_request(_request: Request) -> Result<Response> {
Ok(Response::success_plain("Base handler"))